Scarborough Fair

When I was first approached by Shigeyuki Kawashima of King Records to make an album of standards I thought it could be an opportunity to play with that criteria and take songs that were well known, but not necessarily jazz staples and explore their creative potential. I also wanted to mine my experience in New York with Gil Evans Orchestra and tap into my own English background for the source of much of this material. These albums may feature many of the players I worked with in Gil’s band as well as some fantastic arrangements by Gil Goldstein, they are in essence my own interpretation of the Gil Evans legacy.

The album proved to be very successful (number one on the Japanese Jazz Charts) and something of a breakthrough for me. Contributing Musicians are Gil Goldstein Piano and all arranging, Mike Richmond Bass, Adam Nussbaum Drums, Howard Johnson Bass Clarinet, Joe Dailey Euphonium, John Clark French Horn, Alex Foster Piccolo, Flute and Soprano Sax, Chuck Loeb Guitar, Conrad Herwig Trombone and Chris Botti Trumpet.

Scarborough Fair - Scenes

Pictures by Takehiko Tokiwa